not much to say

•November 17, 2010 • 1 Comment

We are moving along nicely and moving in fairly well; but I really just want to post a bunch of pics.

nothing too scary

•October 31, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Just a quick update of the southeast side of the house before shingling and plumbing. Outside; inside and below.

phase 2: TOP SECRET

•October 22, 2010 • 1 Comment

Just last weekend we were instructed to vacate the kitchen in a two days. We quickly grabbed anything and unceremoniously dumped it in the new kitchen. We tried to organize as best we could. We tried to find new homes for all the food and supplies. The new drawers still don’t have pulls or knobs on them but they had to be delegated and filled. Then the next day (mon.) we had to move out of our bedroom and bathroom in one night. Again, just grab and go. Needless to say, everything is a mess especially upstairs. The kitchen has gradually settling down with a lot of hard work from all. So we are in the new part of the house but with the least bit of fanfair possible.

The garage is framed and windowed and being shingled as we speak. Phase 2 also includes the vacated areas above being closed off and completely gutted. They filed the dumpster over flowing two days in a row, which was a first with this project. The most frustrating part is they won’t let us in to look at the progress. They have that end of the house completely blocked off for dust purposes but they nail all the doors and windows shut at the end of everyday.

Can’t stop this intrepid journalist:

Can’t believe there was a whole kitchen and laundry room in there. Upstairs closet and bathroom gone! Horror of horrors: outdoor shower gone!!!

where are we at?

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where are we at with this project? The crossroads of summer to fall. The crossroads of moving in and moving out. new and old. clean and dirty. phase 1 and phase 2. We are all anxious, frustrated, eager, living out of boxes, psyched, in each other’s faces, hopeful, tired and dusty. The project has lasted longer than anyone has thought. It is turning out beautifully. Things are looking very very good. We still have a long way to go.

Essentially, as I mentioned earlier we are almost near end of phase 1 and we are already started phase 2. The kitchen is almost done all we need is the wood counter tops. The dining room is done besides curtains and in-wall speakers. Downstairs bathroom still needs some work but it is close. Needs a toilet and a built in folding table. Mud room is kinda close too. Upstairs den is done. our sons room is done. the guest bathroom is done. The new hallway is done. Our bathroom is close still needs stain and a mirror and wall lights. Our bedroom is not as close; still needs closet and lights. end of phase 1.

Phase 2? Garage has been essentially framed. We need to move out of the side of the house we are living in including the kitchen and populate the newly renovated wing of the house. Then they can demolish and start renovating that side. We still need storm windows, insulation in the attic and basement. shutters.

We have been told Christmas. we shall see.


•September 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

There has been some progress here. The painters are now in the addition. We have picked out one color wall and one color trim from mud room to dining room. The dining room is done and they are moving on to the kitchen. Which includes staining the ceiling. Another terrific thing is all our old doors are being refurbished and rehung and they look and feel great. The second floor on the garage is poured. The radiant floor heating is in and ready to be insulated. And last but not least, they came and delivered a ton of sod. Insta-lawn!

colors with many coats

•September 12, 2010 • 1 Comment

The interior painting is still my highlights of the project right now. The kitchen is slowly coming along with new trim being added along with cabinet door and appliances. The fir on the floor in the dining room is complete and looks very good.

There has been more foundation pouring for the garage and it looks ready to be filled in and for the framers to arrive.

we are still rollin

•September 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

The painters are by far the busiest crew around. They have applied many coats of interior paint all around the second floor. The trim crew has been hard at work downstairs in the new addition. The ceiling in the kitchen is spectacular.
We have central air now which is excellent for the hot weather lately but also excellent for getting the moisture out of the paint so it will dry faster. we have also had most of our appliances for the kitchen and laundry delivered though not all are installed yet. Quite a few cabinet doors are installed too; which is starting to make everything feel like it is coming together.
They have poured the foundation for the two car garage outside.
To the pics: